Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Quest 2.0: User Account Types

The Quick Quest Professional Edition 2.0 supports 3 types of user accounts to create and manage the system.
  1. Admin
  2. Guest
  3. User

1. Admin
Any Quick Quest user who is of type 'Admin' is as equal to GOD in Quick Quest system. He/She will have full permission to operate any function in the system.

So all Quick Quest features are accessible to this account. All those features can be found here.

This is the only type of user allowed to set question paper pattern and generate (store and lock) questions papers for up-coming examinations.

Users of this type can do 2 major activities,
  1. Manage questions-with-answer in the bank. i.e, any question-with-answer can be added/edited/deleted by this type of user.
  2. View, Print, and Correct question and answer papers (papers can be previously distributed in the exam hall and planned for future exams).
This user is not allowed to set question paper pattern and generate questions paper.

This type of user is best suited for data entry and that's why only questions-with-Answer management screen is allowed to access.

User type accounts not permitted to view and generate question and answer papers.

Oh...yah! There is one more account called ‘System Admin’. It was not listed with above 3 users type. There is special reason for it. This user is highly privileged and only one account will exist in the Quick Quest system. Even if you try to delete it, you can’t! reason?
There should be an account even when there are no users exist or created in the system. This user is a starting point for everything when Quick Quest is newly bought by the institution and all other things need to be defined/created.
Functionally, 'SysAdmin' is no different than 'admin' user type, except that it can not be destroyed/deleted.

That's all about Quick Quest users!

Hope these user accounts (with different access levels) are pretty much enough to manage questions-with-answer bank and examination papers in a secured and systematic way.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to post your queries/feedback in the below comments section or email us.

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