Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Quest 2.0 is set to release

'Quick Quest 2.0' is ready to release for its paid customers.  The new QQ is having performance improvements over questions and answers management and few bug fixes. Below is the quick list of updates

Change Log
- The screens are more responsive (multithread) and shows proper message if any task taking longer processing time.

- The installer is smart enough to instruct users with suitable caution notes and company name is attached in all the screens (all footer line of installer screens will have 'SrushtiSoft' name) to ensure customers have got genuine product setup copy.

- The application updater is now using high responsive internal components for effective utilization of internet bandwidth to download application updates from SrushtiSoft server.

- User activity tracking and maintenance section is added (go to Admin Tools->User Accounts and click "Show All users activity" button).

- Few defect fixes reported by our customers are included.
  • 'Unable to cast object....' error during question paper generation.
  • Branch rename option is not rolling back if modify option is canceled by pressing 'Esc' key.
  • Spell checker does not work properly if operating system language setting is other than US English (en-us)
New version will be made available soon. An update email with download link will be send to our new and existing customers.

Existing promotional customers get this new version of 'Quick Quest' completely FREE!

SrushtiSoft thank all its customers for their interest and support.