Friday, August 16, 2013

Top 5 features you should know about question paper setting software

This post highlighting features of question paper creation software- Quick Quest.

1. Use your favorite word processor for Advanced Formatting

If you wish to perform specific advanced formatting on the generated question paper and if you feel options provided in question paper preview editor aren't enough, just don’t worry! Do the following,

- Select all and copy preview of generated question paper

- Open your favorite word processing editor, for example Microsoft Word

- Paste your content

Do the formatting as you wish and print!

2. Extract Text from Scanned Question Paper

Scan previous question papers as JPG image with better and bigger resolution, let 'Quick Quest' question entry editor extract text for you.
The character recognition engine integrated with Quick Quest helps you avoid typing huge archive of past question papers.

Read this post to see step-by-step instructions:

3. Shuffle questions with a click

Choose question paper of any format and click “shuffle”! Yes, its that simple!

4. Control user access to a particular subject

Secure question bank by defining proper subject-wise access rights to each user. Let a teacher/educator access only his/her subject and not others!

Explore more about Quick Quest user access rights here:

5. Generate answer paper

Generating answer paper for a saved question paper is just one click away!