Friday, September 25, 2015

Why university should consider implementing online thesis evaluation system?

More suitable answer to this question is in this real success story. Read statistical information here: How a university saved 2.5 tons of paper?

Examinater is in uproar today. Professors and students from all VTU affiliated colleges are enjoying easy, secure and efficient online evaluation of theses with Examinater. Since our humble beginnings in 2012 with Examinater at VTU, Belgaum, we've considered all related 200+ colleges, educators and students as integral part of product’s success. We made sure to interact with them sensibly, understand their expectations with changing university examination policies and worked hard to meet the goal.

There is nothing more gratifying to see considerable number of these processing through ‘Examinater’. M.Tech was the first discipline at VTU, Belgaum to get online thesis evaluation software implemented. The cost saving, efficiency and ease of use of the software made remarkable contributions to the thesis evaluation system. As a result, MBA, MCA and Ph.D courses also adopted ‘Examinater’ this year. The results are amazing. This year ‘Examinater’ also facilitated university to integrate plagiarism check activity during thesis dissertation.

Universities are requested to reach us and know more about this highly effective and intelligent system and get the detailed case study for your reference.