Saturday, October 23, 2010

Browsso - All new way to browse blocked websites

We are happy to announce about our new tool "Browsso". It is safe, secure and free email based internet browsing utility.

How it works?
  • Use our utility to prepare web browsing request
  • Send an email to the address as given by our utility
  • Wait for a minute.
  • You receive reply email from us with the web site content you requested for.

Whats happening in the background?
  • For every 30 seconds, Our browsso server service (currently hosted on a home computer :) keep listening to the email account you are posting requests.
  • As soon as your email is arrived, Browsso server service reads it, performs required operation (for example getting a HTML page) and reply it to your email ID with HTML content.
  • Any text or HTML content will be sent you as email body/matter. Downloads will be enclosed as an attachment.
  • You can as well check our twitter account ( to know Browsso server service activities.