Thursday, August 19, 2010

IE6 and Quick Quest Pages

Some visitors reported to me that Quick Quest pages look displeasing in Internet Explorer 6.0 browser. When I review last one month web activity report of SrushtiSoft, it was pretty clear that QQ pages are not looking good for 22% of our visitors.

SrushtiSoft visitors browser share report

First of all, sorry for the inconvenience. We knew that our pages cannot render good on IE6 and we wanted users to migrate newer version of their browser. Now, looking at the browser share we had to revisit our decision. We fine-tuned Quick Quest pages and now they should be viewed propely. 

However few Quick Quest pages are designed with latest graphic image standards and unfortunately old browsers cannot process them effectively. The new Quick Quest pages are best viewed in IE7 and higher, Firefox 3.0 and higher. As we update other sections of SrushtiSoft with new web pages, we will be pushing out old(er) browsers support. We encourage you to upgrade to modern version of your favorite browser and not only view our product pages neatly; enrich your web browsing experience as well. 

We made sure to keep our pages simple and more informative. Still, if you are facing any problems in viewing, please feel free to comment here and we will consider it with highest priority.

Thanks for your co-operation!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Website Name Change, Search Engines and Quick Quest

Hello, In this post, I would like to share 3 major updates with you and here they goes.

Change in Website Name is now However you should be able to access the new domain even if you enter old URL. Thanks to domain transfer setup. One thing to note that domain name in email IDs are changed to ''.

Search Engines Rank for 'Quick Quest'
If you use search keywords “question paper generation software” on Google, Bing and Ask, they rank ‘Quick Quest’ at number 1 position. Whereas Yahoo puts at 10th. I am also trying search engines to suggest Quick Quest with high recommendation for other question paper related popular search keywords (Thanks to Anil, Vishwa and Priya for suggesting some on FB).

Redesigned 'Quick Quest' Product Pages
Quick Quest product pages are now with brand new look. They are now more informative with user-friendly URLs (means you just have to type '' to see success stories section) and hoping to be search engine friendly as well. When I was thinking of revamping Quick Quest product pages, from technology stand point, I wanted to use only HTML (no Javascript, flash..etc). I first thought of outsourcing this work and contacted some good web designing freelancers and companies. Their cost estimates overshoot my allotted budget. Then decided to design my own and get paid myself :) The web pages may not be fully compatible with IE6 and before, versions before Firefox 3.

So, finally, the outcome is hosted here: and hoping for more and more visitors and customers for Quick Quest.

Thank you!