Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Quest 3.0 is Getting Ready!

We are busy with Quick Quest feature additions and stabilization. The new set of features will be shipped as "Quick Quest 3.0".

Really, we are excited about the new installment of Quick Quest after (close to) 2 years! The new version has some really cool features and we are sure every education institute planning to use this will indeed benefit more.

The new version of Quick Quest will be available from 10 Feb 2012. Sorry, though all technical tasks are finished on time (you can check them here), the business team is planning for the better and bigger launch  of Quick Quest 3.0 after few months!! So, those who are waiting for Feb 10, 2012 release, our sincere apologies.

Not only this, we are also working on Quick Quest's offers. We are quite positive about our upcoming software purchase offers will certainly stand reasonable for all type of users like Free, Individual with less budget, Individuals and Institutes looking for feature rich version, LAN and Cloud based editions...well :) we will post a separate update on this, so till then keep visiting here or subscribe us to get automatic blog post notification in your mail box).

So, coming back to QQ 3.0 related activity updates, we hosted a open-tracking system - Srsuhti-Soft Developments, Its the place where you can smell what's cooking inside SrushtiSoft lab!

Quick Quest 3.0
Roadmap: Quick Quest 3.0 Release items
Current change log:  Features ready to ship

In case if you find any important feature we missed to consider, please shoot an email at us: team@srushti-soft.com, we will consider it with no more delays. As you have anonymous access to our tracking system, you can spy on us checking whats going behind the scene about your request. As our team is using the same Srushti-Soft developments tracking system, 100% transparency is guaranteed :)

Thank you.

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