Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Quest Harmony

In few scenarios Quick Quest is using third party utilities (like Microsoft Equation Editor for equation entry and Baraha for Indian language support). Coming up with in-house components and integrating them with Quick Quest has its own challenges, specially the development time. However what makes sense is reusing existing good utilities (This is what we see most of the time Software Architecture emphasizing more). Quick Quest is religiously following it. We also see good points from Quick Quest user experience perspective.

Best Quality: The utilities we chose are best in their area.

No Training:
Many people are aware or already using these utilities hence the need for special training is slim to none.

Better Online and Offline Help:
You will find good help integrated with these utilities, hosted on their web sites and there are online user communities who can assist you when you are facing some problem.

You Are Benefited:
Because these are very well tested and established utilities, you see them always working right.

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