Friday, August 8, 2008

Quick Quest - Equation and Symbols Support

Quick Quest Compact Edition Beta is out for initial evaluation. I am happy that people started using it and coming up with suggestions and queries. What I am hearing more is about Equation Editor Feature. I thought of taking a crack on it in this post.

Quick Quest supports entering Mathematical equations and Science Symbols. If you go to question entry page and in question or answer entry box, if you right click and navigate to “Insert” in pop-up menu, you will see “Equation” option. On your selection of this will insert a template in question or answer entry box, which you have to double click to enable the equation editor. Sometimes even after your double clicks it does nothing and you may feel weird. The reason for this behavior is Microsoft Office with Equation Editor is not installed on your machine.

To enable this feature you are required to install Microsoft Office (any version, 97/2000/XP/2003/2007). Please follow the step by step instructions given by Microsoft to install Equation Editor comes with Microsoft Office Suite.
Once you are done with the equation editor installation, you can now start Quick Quest and it should allow you to enter Equations and symbols.

‘Quick Quest’ takes help of Microsoft Equation Editor Utility and there are couples of reasons for this addiction. I found Microsoft Equation Editor is appealing and very easy to use. Also looking at the MS Office software domination in offices and users expertise, it will be easy for Quick Quest user to enter equations and symbols with no extra training.

And one more thing, through out this post, I assumed you have legal copy of Microsoft Office with you. :)

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