Friday, July 4, 2008

Quick Quest CE: An Update

As per the previous post on Quick Quest, by this time Quick Quest – Compact Edition should have been released. I was driven by my vision of SrushtiSoft products for not to strictly follow up on the planned dates (at least for now). During the revisit of Quick Quest, I realized that many aspects need fresh thoughts and entirely a new approach to deal Quick Quest users need. I self initiated Quick Quest – Compact Edition assignment with a thought of ‘as is’ migration of Visual Basic 6.0 code base to Visual Basic.Net taking the help of migration wizard offered by Microsoft Dot Net IDE. I am sure that this could have worked quickly and would not have introduced any delays in the release of Quick Quest – Compact Edition. However my emphasis is more on delivering more stable and scalable product and never mind if I miss planned schedules. As a result, I am now having a brand new Quick Quest built from scratch which is highly scalable, stable and more user friendly than before.

Quick Quest can be broadly viewed through 3 functional parts.
1. Institution/Study setup
2. Question Bank creation and management
3. Question Paper Generation.

Currently I have finished 1 and 2 function areas. Functional part 3 is under construction. Quick Quest – Professional was built when I was undergoing my graduation and I had not taken much care on the architecture front. I am hoping new version has many neat things are in place.

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