Thursday, October 18, 2007


In Flexo, open Expense Manager, double click on existing expense entry from the list, on item edit screen, click the button right next to the Categories drop down control, choose Categories Manager from the pop-up menu and modify category name in resulting pop up window. As soon as you hit save on category update window, you notice new name getting reflected in all screens (Expense Entry screen and all corresponding entries in Expense Manager Screen). This instant update gives visual response to the user that his change has taken place successfully. The hidden performer behind this quick update is Srushti’s component named “Observer”. If you open Flexo directory and scan DLL files with prudence, you will find Srushti.Observer.dll which does this job. Conceptually, this component promptly follows “Publisher-Subscriber Design pattern” to work systematically. The form which receives update information from user hands it over to Srushti.Observer component and this propagates information to other currently opened forms/windows. We are trying to visualize big picture through this implementation. One day, Srushti’s all products will start communicating each other and they may use “Publisher-Subscriber” design for their effective information exchange. Though this idea is only in conceptual stage, our everyday effort is having passion to reach this goal one day.

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