Monday, October 15, 2007


As soon as I started feeling comfortable with dot net technology my next move was to coming up with range of small utilities that should help and accelerate our daily activities. I just started working towards coming up with generic framework which should be an abstraction to the technical challenges like connecting to multiple database, logging and caching. I built one code generator tool too, which will generate all basic workable classes adhering to the standards laid out in my framework. Soon after finishing the ground work, I put these into production and Flexo came out of it.

Though I was aware of Microsoft Enterprise Library (EL), I dared to workout on my own framework. Reasons were, I wanted to put theory learnt into code and evaluate myself that how good I am in creating generic, scalable and reliable components. After finishing part of Framework, I downloaded Enterprise Library and did a comparision. There were many differences (naturally) and mine required little more maturity (as expected :).

During the construction cycle of framework, I realized many concepts, discovered many possibilities and it helped me to visualize objects and there collaboration rather simply the dot net code. I was able to clearly see design patterns coming to life and sitting in real time scenarios. I admit, I am in very initial stage and have long way to go.

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